Small Stoneware Bottle - WavesSmall Stoneware Bottle - Waves 

Small Stoneware Bottle - Waves


Small Stoneware Bottle - Waves

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Small, slab-built bottle in white stoneware decorated with dark blue slip and overglazed with dry turquoise.

Dimensions (measured by hand, so please allow for small inconsistencies):

Approximately 5.5cm wide, and 8.5cm in height.

Inspired by a love of Western Celtic shorelines and seascapes, I hand build ceramic vessels fired to stoneware temperature. Shapes are figurative, featuring vivid turquoise glaze that reflects the influence of the sea and landscape.

I begin the process with drawings of landscapes, shorelines and pebbles, then work through ideas using developmental sketches and experimentations in clay.

The pieces are fired to stoneware temperature, and feature dry turquoise and blue glaze. White glazes add variation through effects created when glazes overlap. I use differently textured clays, including a dark red, toasted buff and a white firing clay, all of which react in various ways, altering the intensity of colour in the glaze. The application of slips, sgraffito and resist techniques add further depth to the surfaces.

More recently, work has been developed from drawings of ancient objects, tools and rock carvings found in coastal regions of Wales and Scotland. I am intrigued by the mystery surrounding these carvings, and the fact that humans have always had a desire to leave their creative mark.

I work from my home in North Wales.

Kirsti Hannah Brown

Model:  KHB.B1W
Ceramic medium  Stoneware
Main colour  Blue

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